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How We Can Treat Your Warts

Don’t want to wait for your wart to go away by itself? Learn about your wart removal options.

Warts are benign growths that can develop anywhere on the body or face. Although harmless, you may be unhappy with the way that your Wartwarts look and wish to have them removed. Fortunately, Dr. Josef K. Yeager and Dr. John J. DiGiovannaour, your dermatologists in Rockville, MD, are here to help!


Treating Warts from Home

Coming in a variety of forms such as a liquid or medicinal pad, commercial wart removal options can be found at your local drugstore. Many of these products contain salicylic acid, a chemical causes the skin to peel away until the wart is completely gone. Although generally effective, these products can take quite a while to take effect—even up to several years! Therefore, you may wish to turn to a skin doctor in Rockville, MD, to remove the wart, instead.


Seeing a Doctor

If you have diabetes or a compromised immune system and develop warts, you should see a dermatologist right away for treatment. Ignoring the problem or trying to treat warts on your own could lead to serious complications.

Here at our Rockville office, our wart removal treatments include:

  • Topical Application: By applying Cantharidin over the wart, this special solution causes the wart to blister. After a week, you may need to come back into the office so our dermatologist can remove the dead wart.
  • Cryotherapy: Freezing a wart is still the most common wart removal option and, while effective, it may require more than one treatment.
  • Excision: A simple procedure in which the wart is cut away from the skin
  • Electrosurgery and Curettage: This procedure uses heat to remove the wart with a special instrument.

If a wart doesn’t respond to these treatments then laser therapy, injections, or immunotherapy may be necessary.


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