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By Shady Grove Dermatology
April 23, 2020
Category: Skin Care
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Treating Your Rash

Rashes are one of the most common things that you may have to deal with. Rashes can be very uncomfortable and itchy, and sometimes hard to get rid of. At Shady Grove Dermatology, LLC our priority is to provide quality care to our informed patients by our team of dedicated dermatologists. If you are dealing with a rash and live in or near Rockville, MD, consider visiting our office, Shady Grove Dermatology, LLC. Read on to learn more about rashes and how to treat them.

What Is A Skin Rash?

A rash is an area of irritated or swollen skin, most rashes are itchy, red, painful, and irritated. Some clear symptoms of a rash developing include heating up, redness, small bumps appearing, and itchiness of the area. Rashes can occur if you have had contact with a skin irritant, something like a chemical, poison ivy, or something that they may be allergic to. Generally, skin rashes come and go, and they can be harmless, although if you develop other symptoms it may be important to have it looked at by a professional dermatologist.

  • Fever or pain along with the rash
  • Sudden bruise-like lesions appear
  • Skin rash continues to develop and becomes widespread

If you see any of these symptoms develop or if your rash is just not going away, it is time to talk to a trained dermatologist.

Some Common Rash Treatments

A few of the common rash treatments are:

  • Anti-itch creams
  • Oral antihistamines (for rashes caused by an allergic reaction)
  • Moisturizing lotions
  • Topical antifungal medications (for rashes caused by fungal infections)

Learn More About How We Can Help You

Although sometimes a simple skin rash may just be due to a simple allergy or irritant touching your skin, it is important to watch the rash and make sure that if you develop any further symptoms that you get help from a trained dermatologist. If you live in or around Rockville, MD, Shady Grove Dermatology, LLC has a staff of excellent dermatologists that are here to make sure that they can provide you with all the information you need to help treat your rash. Due to the COVID-19 virus, we have limited our office hours for emergencies only, however, we are providing tele-dermatology. Call our office in Rockville at (240) 246-7417 to set up a tele-appointment today.

By Shady Grove Dermatology
March 09, 2020
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Are you struggling with recurring acne breakouts? Here at Shady Grove Dermatology in Rockville, MD, our team of five board-certified dermatologists treat adult acne, helping patients look and feel like themselves again. Read on to learn how we can help you manage your skin health, comfort, and appearance.

What exactly is acne?

Acne is a dermatological condition affecting 40 to 50 million Americans every year, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). While the majority of sufferers are adolescents, many acne patients are adults, as well.

Characterized by red papules and pustules, as well as whiteheads and blackheads, on the face, neck, shoulders and chest. acne begins in the sebaceous, or oil, glands and their associated hair follicles. Excess sebum gets trapped below the skin surface, causing the familiar acne pimples.

Unfortunately, acne is stubborn, unsightly, and can cause emotional distress. Fortunately, an expert skin exam at our Rockville office can lead to a customized skin care program that can get your acne under control.

Treating adult acne

Treatment involves normalizing skin appearance and limiting the number and severity of breakouts. Common interventions include:

  • Benzoyl peroxide creams and ointments which reduce sebum production
  • Vitamin A, or Tretinoin, which opens blocked hair follicles
  • Hormone therapy (birth control pills)
  • In-office extraction of large lesions
  • Antibiotics if lesions are cystic and infected

Additionally, your skin doctor may recommend many at-home strategies to reduce the number of breakouts you experience. These interventions may include:

  • Gently washing your face with your fingertips only twice a day and after working out
  • Keeping your hair clean
  • Never picking or squeezing acne pimples
  • Reducing your intake of fatty/greasy foods
  • Avoiding tanning (both sun exposure and tanning beds)
  • Keeping your hands off your face, particularly when you have active lesions
  • Reduce the amount of hair care products you use (they often contain a lot of oil)

Look and feel better

Phone Shady Grove Dermatology in Rockville, MD, today for a friendly consultation and plan of action for your adult acne issues: (240) 246-7417

By Shady Grove Dermatology
March 05, 2020
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It's red, itchy and just won't go away. You're worried about your skin rash and what it may be. At Shady Grove Dermatology in Rockville, MD skin rashes are our business. Our team of five board-certified dermatologists diagnose and treat all kinds of rashes, helping you feel better and be healthier overall.

What is a skin rash?

It's an area on your skin which is itchy, red, swollen, painful, discolored or exhibiting other odd symptoms. It may develop suddenly or be delayed in presenting itself. Rashes start after ingesting something, touching an irritant or being bitten or stung by an insect, spider or snake. People with allergies often develop skin rashes, and infections, both localized and systemic, may cause a rash.

What kinds of skin rashes are there?

There are numerous. Familiar to most people are acne, atopic dermatitis, or eczema, ringworm ( a fungal infection) and shingles, a viral infection caused by Varicella zoster, the chicken pox virus. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) says that most rashes, though uncomfortable and unsightly, are not dangerous.

Other skin rashes, however, do signal a potentially serious problem. That's why your dermatologists at Shady Grove Dermatology in Rockville, MD, want you to see a doctor immediately if:

  • Your rash is widespread
  • You have a fever along with your rash
  • Your symptoms spread quickly (this could be an anaphylactic reaction to an allergen)
  • You have blisters or sores, particularly if they are very painful
  • The rash looks green or crusty or develops red streaks (these symptoms signal infection)

Treating skin rashes

Your Rockville dermatologists will inspect your rash closely and ask you about pain, itchiness and when your rash developed. Your treatment plan will aim at symptom relief and curing any underlying bacterial or viral infection.

Common medications for skin rashes include antibiotic ointments, steroidal creams and antihistamines. For heat-related rashes, your doctor may recommend avoiding hot environments, staying well hydrated and wearing loose, well-ventilated clothing.

Find out more about skin rashes

Your skin is your largest bodily organ. If it's affected by an itchy, painful rash, you need relief fast. For help in keeping your skin at its healthiest, contact the professional team at Shady Grove Dermatology in Rockville, MD, for a one-on-one consultation. Phone us for an appointment: (240) 246-7417.

By Shady Grove Dermatology
August 02, 2018
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Do you examine your moles regularly? Changes in moles can happen at any time and may be a sign of melanoma, a potentially deadly molescancer. The dermatologists at Shady Grove Dermatology in Rockville, MD, provide skin cancer exams and offer a range of skin cancer treatment options if a mole does happen to be cancerous.

What should I look for when I conduct a home exam?

Keeping your ABCs in mind will help you ensure that you don't miss any suspicious moles. When you check your moles, consider:

  • Asymmetry: Is the mole perfectly round or is one side a different shape or size?
  • Border: Healthy moles have perfectly smooth borders. If the edge of a mole is scalloped, irregular, or poorly defined, it's a good idea to schedule an appointment with your Rockville, MD, skin doctor.
  • Color: Moles that don't have a consistent color or that change color should be examined.
  • Diameter: Large moles, those bigger than a pencil eraser, are also a cause for concern.
  • Evolving: Look for moles that don't quite look the same as usual. Changes in color, shape, or size can occur if you have melanoma.

In addition to these change, a few other signs may indicate a problem with a mole. If your normally smooth mole becomes bumpy or begins to bleed, you may need a biopsy to determine if the mole has become cancerous. Itching or flaking may also be warning signs.

Be sure to examine every inch of your body during your home exam. A hand mirror can be very useful when you need to check moles in out-of-the-way places.

When should I do if I notice any of these changes?

Any change in a mole, even if it seems minor to you, should be reported to your dermatologist. If your doctor thinks that the mole is suspicious, he or she will remove it and send it to a laboratory for a biopsy. Despite the change in appearance, it's very possible that your mole isn't cancerous.

Should the biopsy determine that the mole is cancerous, you'll need surgery to remove all traces of cancer from your skin. Thanks to innovative surgical techniques, like Mohs micrographic surgery, scarring can be minimized in many cases.

See your dermatologist as soon as possible if you notice any changes in your moles. Call the dermatologists at Shady Grove Dermatology in Rockville, MD, at (301) 840-2266 to schedule an appointment.

By Shady Grove Dermatology
June 05, 2018
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Acne at any age causes emotional upset. Honestly, though, did you expect to have it as an adult? At Shady Grove Dermatology in acneRockville, MD, the doctors and their professional team have the best ways to control troublesome acne so you can feel confident and look your best. Here are some of the things you should know about adult acne.

What is acne?

Acne is an outbreak of red pustules, blackheads, or whiteheads. Some acne is so severe that dermatologists label it cystic acne, and it's the kind which can lead to scarring.

While your skin doctor sees far more adolescents for outbreaks of acne in Rockville, many patients are adults, too. In fact, a full five percent are, says the American Academy of Dermatology, and this skin problem shows up in increasing numbers among women in their mid-years.

Whatever the age, acne blemishes form when sebaceous glands in the skin secrete an oily substance called sebum. Due to various factors, these glands become plugged up and sometimes infected, forming acne lesions. Typically, acne shows up on the face, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, and back. Poor personal hygiene, a fatty diet, and shaving can aggravate the condition, but actual causes are many and often unclear.

Causes of acne

For the adult, some medications, such as steroids, may lead to outbreaks. However, as with the adolescent who struggles with acne, the adult version may be linked to hormones. Pregnancy, menopause, premenstrual syndrome, and birth control pills are contributors. Stress, and its related body chemicals, factors in as well.

What you can do

If you are struggling with adult acne, you can get relief from the discomfort and embarrassment when you come to Shady Grove Dermatology in Rockville. Your dermatologist will examine your skin and ask you about your medical history. Treatment takes time and patience, but with persistence, your skin can clear.

Typical treatments plans often include over-the-counter and/or prescription preparations with salicylic acid, retinoids (derived from vitamin A), and benzoyl peroxide. These medications unclog pores and reduce the "oiliness" of the skin. In addition, the doctor may advise in-office extraction of selected lesions, birth control pills to regulate hormones, and antibiotics (creams or oral) to heal the infection.

Day to day, all acne patients should treat their skin gently, avoiding excessive sun exposure and tanning, picking at lesions and scrubbing their faces or other affected areas too vigorously. Warm water and a gentle face soap or acne scrub applied with a soft wash cloth cleanses blackheads, whiteheads, papules, and the surrounding skin.

Have hope

Your skin can improve. If you are suffering with adult acne, please contact Shade Grove Dermatology in Rockville, MD, for a consultation with one of our caring and expert physicians. Call today at (240) 246-7417.

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