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Skin Rash FAQs

How your dermatologists in Rockville, MD, can help with skin rashes

A skin rash is one of the most common issues you will experience, and they are caused by a variety of things. You need to know the facts about skin rashes, because a skin rash may be a sign of a more serious issue.

The dermatologists of Shady Grove Dermatology in Rockville, MD, offer a wide variety of skincare and dermatology services, including treatment of skin rashes.

These are just a few of the frequently asked questions and answers about skin rashes:

What does a skin rash look like?

Skin rashes can look like small red bumps or larger swollen areas. They can cover only a small area of your body, or they can be diffuse, spread out over a large area of your body.

What does a skin rash feel like?

Some skin rashes have no symptoms however, other skin rashes can itch, sometimes severely. Occasionally, a skin rash can also be painful.

What causes a skin rash?

A skin rash is commonly associated with an allergy to a substance. Allergic reaction rashes can be caused by:

  • Medications
  • Pet dander
  • Foods
  • Plants like poison ivy

Skin rashes can also be caused by inflammation from contact with a chemical or other substance. This skin rash is known as dermatitis, and it is a dry rash that doesn’t itch.

What can I do for a skin rash?

You can try:

  • Over-the-counter antihistamine medication
  • Over-the-counter topical cortisone cream
  • Aveeno oatmeal products like bath solutions
  • Benadryl topical or oral medications

When should I see a dermatologist?

If you’ve tried over-the-counter products and your rash doesn’t go away or your symptoms grow worse, it’s best to visit your dermatologist. A skin rash that is accompanied by a high fever, nausea, or difficulty breathing could signal the onset of an anaphylactic reaction, which is a medical emergency requiring emergency services.

How can my dermatologist help?

Common professional treatments your dermatologist may recommend include:

  • Prescription-strength antihistamine medications
  • Prescription-strength steroid medications
  • Cortisone or antibiotic creams and lotions

To learn more about the diagnosis and treatment of skin rashes, talk with the experts. Call the dermatologists of Shady Grove Dermatology in Rockville, MD, at (240) 246-7417. Call today!

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